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Intro of Video

MM54321's SM64 Bloopers : Mario Jumps the Castle!
is the first blooper maded by MarioMario54321. The video originally goes to air in October 10 , 2007.


In a beatiful day , Mario decides jump over the castle , but everytime he tries he fall!

  • Try #1 : In Mario's first try , he fall into a black room and lo
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    Mario falling into a black room.

    ses 4 points of health.
  • Try #2 : In Mario's second try , Mario jump but fall into Castle's haste and loses 4 points of health
  • Try #776 : In this time , Mario jumps but falls into Castle's roof and die.

After this try , Mario reappears in front of castle and try again , but this time , Mario finally jump over the castle , and a voice talks to Mario about a prize for jump over the castle. The prize is the ability to walk on lava and ice. Mario goes to Lethal Lava land to try he new abilites , and the surprise the ability is real. Mario falls into the volcano and use your new jumping ability to escape , after this , Mario get your flying cap and goes away.


  • Mario , the protagonist , your objective is jump over the castle.
  • Voice from Somewhere , a strange voice from somoene , give Mario the ability for walk in Lava and Ice
  • MIPS , after Mario enter in Lethal Lava Land , Mario talks with MIPS.



  • Moon Jump , it's a mystery when Mario learns Moon Jump , make Mario Jumps more higher.
  • Walk on Lava , given by Voice from Somewhere , make Mario walk on lava.
  • Wing Cap , finded in Lethal Lava Land , used by Mario to escape from Lethal Lava Land.


  • The haste die , the classic scene when Mario falls and loses health in Castle's haste , has been re-used a bunch of times.
  • The black room , like the "The Haste Die" , the Black Room re-appears in other MarioMario54321 Bloopers
  • Jesus? , during the video , MarioMario54321's no reveal who is the voice from Somewhere. But in the video description says : "Mario jumps over the whole Castle for once and he gets the gift of Jesus"


  • In intro have a spelling error , "It's a beatfiful day"
  • When the Try #1 letter appears , Mario strangely change colors.


MM54321's SM64 Bloopers Mario Jumps The Castle!

MM54321's SM64 Bloopers Mario Jumps The Castle!